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Who created the Bible and how should we interpret it?

Who created the Bible and how should we interpret it?  Who decided which books comprise the Bible? Father Boyle states, “The Church.”  350 years after the death of Jesus Christ, the councils of the Church and the popes decided which should be included and which... read more

What is the point of prayer if God is all-knowing?

What is the point of prayer if God is all-knowing? Fr. Matt Libra looks back about a man, who during open intentions at mass, would ask God for a decent place to live, a job to support himself and his family, and a summer home with two jet skis.  Should we really ask... read more

Why do Catholics have so many rituals?

Why do Catholics have so many rituals? Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers states, “The beautiful thing about rituals is that they draw us out of ourselves and connect us more deeply with the lives of others.”  Birthdays are an example.  There’s cake, candles, balloons,... read more

Why do we always long for more?

Why do we always long for more? Fr. Dave Guttmann answers this question:  “Because it is never enough.”  But why exactly is it never enough?  Guttmann goes to explain that nothing in this world can completely fill us or satiate our desires.  In fact, instead of... read more

Why is organized religion necessary?

Br. Andrew Dominic Yang shares with us why organized religion is still necessary in our society. These days, it is pretty common for organized religion to be discussed with negative connotations. It is spoken of as a series of rules or laws that we have to conform to.... read more

How can you obtain an indulgence?

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers tells us how to obtain an indulgence. Indulgences can be obtained, once the three prerequisites are met. First, you must receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The indulgence is not about just getting a free pass to Heaven. Reconciliation... read more

What are indulgences?

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers discusses what indulgences is in the Catholic Church. After the Fall in the Garden of Eden, when original sin entered the Earth, there were two effects of sin. Eternal punishment of sin is the loss of sanctifying grace that we need to get to... read more

Can you buy indulgences to get to Heaven?

Fr. Mark Bentz states that we are not able to buy indulgences to get to Heaven. The Church has never taught that and never will. So you may wonder, why did people sell indulgences in the middle ages? Well, most of these were sold by Johann Tetzel, which was wrong and... read more

Why Pro-Life Can’t Just Be About Pregnancy

A false dichotomy has been created by the politicization of abortion: those who are pro-choice are defenders of mothers’ rights, while those who are pro-life are crusaders for the unborn. Either choice neglects someone, which means there is never a true winner. But... read more

Was Mary a perpetual virgin?

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers discusses why the Church says that Mary was a perpetual virgin. There are a number of phrases in scripture that are relevant to the discussion. First of all, what do Catholics mean by a virgin birth? Catholics believe that Mary was a virgin... read more

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