Fr. Matt Libra tells how he played video games growing up on his original Nintendo console. I think I speak for everyone when I say, jealous! The kids in his neighborhood eventually all transitioned to playing on a Sega Genesis, then Super Nintendo, then Nintendo 64, and Playstations. But they all come from that original console. The Church may seem to be slow-moving at times; even old-fashioned or out of date. But in reality, it is constantly progressing.

When the Church progresses, it must remain faithful to the truth. It does not change based on whims of the culture or current trends. Instead, it evolves as our knowledge of the truth develops. We can think of this growth like a tree. It has roots that spread deep down into the ground. The tree does not change form or its substance. Instead, it grows in its fullness and matures into what it is meant to become. Similarly, the Church is grounded in fidelity to the truth, but our knowledge of the faith continues to grow and mature.

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