Who created the Bible and how should we interpret it?  Who decided which books comprise the Bible? Father Boyle states, “The Church.”  350 years after the death of Jesus Christ, the councils of the Church and the popes decided which should be included and which excluded by the Bible.  The Church goes on to tell us the books of the Bible were inspired by the Holy Sprit.  So, in essence, the Bible is the Church’s book.  Now, if the Bible is the Church’s book, it is logical that it should be around to help the readers interpret it – everyone needs some someone to interpret it. St. Peter himself found St. Paul’s writings difficult to understand (2 Pt 3:15-16).   Now if Peter had difficulty, how can we expect to understand without some help?  St. Peter writes, “No prophesy of scripture is a matter of one’s interpretation” (2 Pt 1:20).  Again, we CANNOT interpret scripture on our own – we NEED the Church.  Anyone who says, I stand by the Bible alone,” is really saying, “I stand by my own private interpretation of the Bible and I am infallible.”  However, if he listens to a preacher, he is not standing alone but by the interpretation of the preacher.  So where does that preacher get his authority?   Is he not just doing the same thing?  And aren’t there many preachers who give contradictory interpretations of the one book they all claim to stand by?  Let the Church be your guide.  The Church is the one who gave us the Bible and it is her task to be our infallible guide to interpreting it and preserving it through time as it is handed on from generation to generation.

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