Br. Andrew Dominic Yang shares with us why organized religion is still necessary in our society. These days, it is pretty common for organized religion to be discussed with negative connotations. It is spoken of as a series of rules or laws that we have to conform to. It is teachings that are not our own or custom-made. Because of this, society has rejected all notions of organized religion. Instead, we hear people claim that they are “spiritual” but not “religious.” This may not be totally evil to think this way, because it is showing that people acknowledge there is something within them that is not a material substance—that they contain a soul inside. But why not just accept organized religion?

The origin of the word religion comes from the Latin word, religare, which means to bind. So what does this mean? To who or what are we bound to through religion? Well we believe that the Catholic faith binds us to the true God. Our religion is the way and means to point us, bind us, and bring us into relationship with the true God. Although we can be spiritual and yearn for God, it is through the direction of the Church that we can actually come to know God more fully in this world.

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