Fr. Matt Libra opens with a curious question: do you remember your first kiss? It seems like a strange analogy, but it is a good explanation for why non-Catholics do not fully participate in Communion. For most people, this kiss is with someone that you really like, and that really likes you as well. It is very special. It is very unique.

You do not want to share your first kiss with someone who you are not attracted to, or who is forcing himself or herself upon you. As Catholics, this is how we view receiving the Eucharist. It is an intimate encounter with Christ that is very special and unique each time.

When we receive the Eucharist, we believe that He is sacramentally present and sharing his love for us. Just like that first kiss carries significance in our relationships, even more so should each encounter with Christ in Communion.

If non-Catholics want to participate but still do not fully understand the significance of Communion then it compromises how special the experience should be. If they do believe and understand then encourage them to talk to the priest celebrating mass to find out how to become Catholic!

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