Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers addresses why the Catholic Church does not support same-sex marriage. Marriage was handed down to us from God as a union between a man and woman. In the book of Genesis, it says that man and woman are made in God’s image and likeness. But moving on from scriptural reference, we see from the study of anthropology before the establishment of Christianity that historically, a union between man and woman was necessary to perpetuate the culture and was the center of family life.

In modern society, we are quickly moving away from this perspective towards a culture favoring the individual and his right to choose what is best for him. Some even compare the modern movements fighting for rights of homosexuals to the movements of the 1960’s fighting for racial equality. Deacon Harold’s response is that, “Being black is not a lifestyle choice.” To be clear, he is comparing this to the choice to seek a homosexual marital union; he is not stating that having homosexual desires is simply a lifestyle choice.

Other consequences to this lifestyle must also be considered. Each child has the right to be raised by a father and a mother. When circumstances like death lead to a single parent raising a child, it is a tragic situation to be overcome, and not circumstances to be sought out. So with homosexual couples, the lifestyle choice leads to the child being raised either without a mother or without a father. This reduces marriage to the lyrics of a Beatles song, “All you need is love.”

So for the future of our society, and aligned with the instructions given from God himself, we seek for the blessed union of man and woman together.

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