Fr. Dave Gutman discusses death with dignity. The Death with Dignity Act is what allows in some states for doctors to prescribe lethal medications to their patients that have terminal illnesses. The patients can then take the medication with the intent of dying to avoid some suffering. The church is not against death with dignity; however, it is against this legal act.

The Church wants us to live our lives in fullness from conception until natural death. This means that even our suffering in life and in death is purposeful. This suffering is used in a mysterious way for our salvation, united with Christ. Pope John Paul II wrote about the meaning of Christian suffering. It explains how the suffering of our life can be used for our own good and for the good of those around us. Fr. Dave explains that it is okay for us to euthanize our pets. Their suffering is not united to Christ’s suffering and sacrifice. But our human suffering is purposeful.

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